Friday, June 3, 2011

The World of my 18 month old

So, in my house there is something that must not go without replenishing. This item is graham crackers. Jordyn LOVES them! Unfortunately, she has had to do without them for a few weeks. She has asked for them and asked for them. She goes to the cabinet they are always in and points, then says "gram crakr, gram crakr" over and over.

Well, on Tuesday we all went to the grocery store. I have never been around a child more excited to be in the grocery store. She squealed and yelled with excitement in the parking lot. I couldn't make out if she was saying "Grandpa," "Kroger," or "graham cracker" though. I figured probably not Kroger or Grandpa, but I guess we'll never know.

We went down the isles. Once we found the graham crackers, she would not sit down! I put two boxes of graham crackers in the cart and she tried her hardest to climb into the cart to get a box. It was too funny!

Which brings me to always, she wanted a graham cracker this morning. I had to choose between using the restroom and getting her a graham cracker. I chose the first. Well, my Jordy is a climber! She got the stool and climbed up toward the counter to get a box of graham crackers. She brings me the box while I am sitting on the thrown and all I can do is laugh. I took the box from her, she attempted to open it while I held it. All the while repeating "gram crakr" over and over. I told her I couldn't give her one right at the moment and she gave me the saddest little face and the biggest tears. I, of course, was laughing. Poor kid.

Nothing gets between her and her graham crackers!

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