Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Jordyn Rose

Born: October 30, 2009

6 pounds 7 ounces 19.25 in.

Early in the morning of the 30th, Benjamin and I got up to go to the hospital for my scheduled c-section. I was So incredibly nervous for this operation! I was nervous about the spinal block and what could go wrong with the surgery and about Jordyn herself. I have to say, that after the spinal block was administered, I started to feel much better. I guess I was worried about the needle thing, but it was okay. I felt like they took FOREVER to bring Benjamin into the operating room and was sad he wasn't by my side to help me with my fears of the spinal block. (Which is SO much better than getting an epidural for the c-section!)

Benjamin finally got to the room and they started doing whatever they do behind the curtain. My doctor told Benjamin it was time for pictures and he started to take pictures of Jordyn. I was so HAPPY to have her out of my belly!!! That probably sounds horrible, but she was giving me a lot of pain the last few days she was in there. When they said how much she weighed, I was like man, she is little. I got to see her (this time I was able to keep my glasses on, so I COULD actually see her unlike with Bayleigh) and thought she was the cutest thing ever. At first, I thought she looked like Bayleigh, but she really doesn't. All they have in common thus far is the nose. They both have my nose.

I felt great after the c-section. I guess they gave me good drugs (LOL), but I was so ready to get up and do something! I wasn't really tired like I was last time and I didn't really hurt like I did last time. All I wanted to do was to get up. The nurse told me the day after they wouldn't take out my IV until I had used the bathroom 2 times in 6 hours which she didn't think I'd do until the next day. HA! I wanted that thing outta my arm so badly I drank as much water as I could.

On Halloween, Bayleigh came in her Tinker Bell costume and I had gotten Jordyn a pumpkin hat and booties a few days before her birth. I'm not sure who was more excited about Jordyn's birth, me or Bayleigh! She is supper excited to be a big sister and is helping a lot...she is also getting in the way too, but she is very concerned when her sister is crying. Bayleigh will come running saying "My sister is crying" or "My baby is crying"! It is too funny really. She just lights up whenever she holds her or feeds her. I hope that she continues to feel that way toward her little sister!
When we take a family picture, I'll put that up, but we haven't yet. Jordyn is almost 2 weeks old. I am doing things with her I would have never done with Bayleigh. When she was just a week old, we went to a restaurant with her and to Sam's Club. I didn't let Bayleigh outside unless we were going to the doctor for at least a month! Maybe overall you're just more relaxed the second time around. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yeah...not too much to update on. It seems I am a bit bad at this blogging thing, but maybe I'll get better! So, the assistant director at Bayleigh's pre-school informed me that I really only have 2 more weeks of this pregnancy. I can't believe it! My mother-in-law has graciously taken over painting the babies' room since my husband hasn't. I'll post pictures when it's finished.

Bayleigh is enjoying school. She sings all the time! She has started to learn her letter sounds and tells me all about every picture she colors or paints. She talks constantly and is now taking books with her wherever she goes instead of her bear. She really is growing up right before my eyes!

Benjamin went on a "last hurrah" back packing trip last weekend. Bayleigh and I were here all by ourselves and I think we had some fun. Anytime she felt like I was on the computer too long, she would say "Mommy, will you come play with me?" How could I say "no?" So, we built big towers and destroyed said big towers. She is really into building things now. We were VERY glad when Benjamin got home!

I don't think there really is much else to update on. We are waiting for the baby to arrive and trying to finish things up. Benjamin is going to try to get school finished by next December, which would be wonderful! No more school for him and I'll have my Master's by then too. It is a year away, but it is nice to think that our hard work and dedication will be rewarded....hopefully with better job opportunities and not just the student loan bills! :)

Top Picture: Bayleigh in her Daddy's water boots...I couldn't believe she got in them!
Bottom Picture: After playing while Daddy was gone, she made herself a little place on the floor in between Max and Candy to sleep.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Long Update

I have NOT been good at keeping this blog up...not that a lot of people of following it anyway. Lets see....where to start????

Job--I managed to land an interim. It lasted for 5 weeks. I loved where I was at..the faculty and staff anyway! I had great people around me and gave me a lot of help while I was at the school. It ended last week, and I am enjoying this time to myself.

Bayleigh--She is doing great! We decided to keep her in school while I am out of work. She was put into a 3 year old classroom, which means she is officially in pre-school. She is learning a lot and I can see how much she is enjoying school! She loves it. This morning I awoke to her "reading" to her stuffed animals. :) It is great watching her grow and the smiles she brings to everyone's faces. I know she will be a great big sister! She knows that her baby sister is in mommy's tummy, but I'm not sure if she understands a baby will be coming home soon.

Benjamin--It seems he is tired of school. He has figured out he really only has 5 classes to take to graduate in May. YAY!!! The schools around here are putting Spanish Teachers in every school, so he is hoping to teach Spanish next year. One school system even teaches all day in Spanish! I know he would love that...He goes to Mexican Restaurants just to speak Spanish sometimes! So, if he does decide to finish school this school year, we won't be seeing too much of him. :( But, we'll be seeing him a lot AFTER he'll just be 4 months.

Me--Pregnant still....This child bumps and pushes and kicks areas I never thought could be touched! Bayleigh NEVER moved this much! I can actually see my stomach move...I can't believe how soon she will be here. We have so much to do still to get ready, but I am SO tired of being pregnant! I am still going to school. I should and will be finished next December. Hopefully, I will find a job in January and be rehired for the next year so I can finish my internship and graduate.

Jordyn--The new baby. I guess if the "manly parts" show themselves when she is born, his name will still be Jordan, just spelled differently and with a different middle name. She is doing well. I do worry because I haven't gained too much weight and everyone keeps saying I don't even look pregnant. I have gained just 20 pounds...yeah me! But of course, I worry about Trisomy 18, other chromosomal malformations, autism, etc. I just remember people being smaller than they looked and the baby being smaller than it should be. Jordyn's belly measured a little on the small side during my last ultra sound, but not small enough to cause concern...Still, the worry-wort I am, I worry what all will happen.

Lets see....Benjamin's brother randomly got married 2 weeks ago. I like the girl a lot, but I can't believe she married him! Benjamin's uncle passed away at the end of August, then his Aunt was diagnosed with the same thing his Uncle died of. His mom and grandparents have had a rough time this year! I think that really sums everything up!

We went to Heber Springs, Arkansas for Labor Day Weekend, but we didn't take any pictures. :( Bayleigh LOVED fishing...I never went to the dock to watch her, but there are plenty of stories! She wanted to fish every minute she was awake there! She was too cute!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Young Women's Camp and Update

Well, I made it through Young Women's Camp in one piece. There really wasn't too much for me to do, so I had a much needed break from the world. It amazed me how much I was able to relax and let things go so to speak. Being pregnant, jobless, and having a toddler at home is so exhausting! All those stressors just went away while I was in the woods for 5 days. Now, I am back in the real world.

My parents took Bayleigh for the weekend and my friend came to visit us. We got our new couch!! The couch is the most comfortable thing I have ever laid my tooshy on!! My friend fell asleep on it 4 times and she hadn't even been here for 24 hours! It is really a great couch!

I got to see Ingram Hill on the 4th. I hadn't seen them in a few months, but (don't tell Benjamin this) they are better when I am with friends than just with my husband! We were on the Peabody Rooftop and were able to see the fireworks over the Mississippi River and at AutoZone Park. It was so GREAT to not be worried about my kid and I was able to continue the relaxing I had begun to do at camp.

Now, I am back to the "world" and trying to find a new job. :( I have Bayleigh back and she has DEFINITELY been spoiled while I was away! Yay for grandparents....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're Gonna Have.....

Another girl! I really was sad! I've been calling her a "he" for weeks! Bayleigh has been calling my friends' kids her sisters (only the girls, she doesn't consider the boy a brother or a sister), so Bayleigh must've known she was going to have a sister! I may post an ultra sound picture, but they aren't good pictures. Apparently even though you need to use the bathroom, your bladder isn't full. :( Oh well, they have to do more next time because the baby wouldn't move for anything! It took the ultra sound technician forever to even figure out if it was a boy or a girl. She had to pause the picture really quick, then put it in slow motion to pause the right spot to tell. We went to target afterwards and picked out 2 outfits for her so ALL of her clothes wouldn't be hand-me-downs! :0)

As I have been through a roller coaster of emotions this week, I finally landed a job interview. I wish it was for the same school system I taught for last year because they have GREAT maternity benefits, but it doesn't seem that school system will ever have anymore openings. So, lets cross our fingers everything will work out the way I think it should in my mind....Yes, I know, it's the Lord's will, not mine. Luckily, Benjamin always remembers that and reminds me of it! :) As always, I wish so much I could just have a glimpse into the future to see what will happen!

Well, I'm thinking that is all I should update on at this time! There isn't anything newer than the sex of the baby!! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

We Have a Blog!!

Well, I've finally started a blog! Let's see, what can I tell you? Benjamin is still in school (which may never end) at the University of Memphis. He still works in pest control, which takes up a lot of his time. He is working late hours and we aren't seeing him as much as we'd like, but it's that time of the year! I am once again looking for a teaching job. Word to the wise--NEVER tell your middle school principal you'd rather be in elementary school; chances are you won't be rehired! I'm also taking the summer off from my Master's program in School Counseling. I am trying it online through the University of West Alabama--so far, so good!

Bayleigh is growing and learning way too quickly! She currently loves Finding Nemo and loves music. I've noticed she likes movies that have animals as main characters than people. I wonder what that means? Hmmm....

We just had our first family vacation. We went to Chattanooga, Tn and saw way too much in a short amount of time! It was nice to see family again (Benjamin's twin lives there and his sister is staying there too). We also stopped in Nashville to see Granny and Pappy (my parents). I think Pappy will end up being Bayleigh's favorite because he let her do anything she wanted! He even got her a blow up "Finding Nemo" which she slept with all the way from Nashville to Memphis! Bayleigh loved the Tn Aquarium....she found Finding Nemo's dad and was really excited to see Dory!

We are turning our guest room into Bayleigh's room and Bayleigh's room will be the new baby's room. I'm beginning to realize we have WAY too much stuff. Anyone in need of stuffed animals or old computers?? I want to organize things, but need to but need to buy things to do that! I wonder where all this stuff came from?

Well, I think that is all for now. When I have more news, I'll post it! I'm due on November 5th and we find out the sex of the baby on June 18th! I really feel this pregnancy is going by slowly and would really like to speed it up! Knowing the sex of the baby will help, I hope! I can start buying things for him or her...we are all hoping for a boy.