Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am up way too early after being up way too late. So, this is a blog that may just be something for me to do right now to stay awake. There hasn't been too many changes lately. Benjamin received his new room assignment and his schedule in the mail about 2 weeks ago for teaching next year. I don't think I've ever really seen him so excited about work! It was cute really. He went yesterday to see the room and couldn't stop talking about how much bigger it is and all the furniture he acquired. He had to call his mom to tell her all about it. I think the family just puts up with his excitednesses because he just is so cute when he is excited! I was never that excited about my room when I was teaching!
The kids are good. We took Bayleigh to a pre-k screening hoping to get her into public pre-k instead of paying for it. It will definitely help our money situation! For now, both kids are signed up at our usual spot even though I will most likely not be working this upcoming school year.
Me? Well, I have no idea what is going to be happening this next year. I haven't gotten a job, so I started to apply for some teaching jobs. I also applied for grad school, but applied late; too late to get into the program I'd like to get into. So, everything is very unknown right now. My Plan A doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so I am trying Plan B, at the same time trying Plan C. Guess I may have to move onto Plan D soon...just haven't figured out what that may be yet.
I often wish there was some kind of something that told you a little bit of what is going to happen next so I wouldn't freak out about it so much. I know that is where faith comes in and remembering that it's all on God's Time and where He wants/needs me to be. Sometimes I think that all those things are just cop-outs for not being good enough to get the job you want. I think that is where I am right now with it all--saying those things is just a cover up for what is really going on.
I still have great kids who wear me out. I still have a wonderful husband who helps me all that he can and does all that he can to make sure we have money in the bank. I just know it'd be easier if I were able to contribute to things financially. I'd really like to do that, even on a part time basis or partial year basis! So, in the wonderful world of lyrics, I'm going to thank M. C. Hammer for this--pray, just so we make it today....

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