Friday, June 12, 2009

We Have a Blog!!

Well, I've finally started a blog! Let's see, what can I tell you? Benjamin is still in school (which may never end) at the University of Memphis. He still works in pest control, which takes up a lot of his time. He is working late hours and we aren't seeing him as much as we'd like, but it's that time of the year! I am once again looking for a teaching job. Word to the wise--NEVER tell your middle school principal you'd rather be in elementary school; chances are you won't be rehired! I'm also taking the summer off from my Master's program in School Counseling. I am trying it online through the University of West Alabama--so far, so good!

Bayleigh is growing and learning way too quickly! She currently loves Finding Nemo and loves music. I've noticed she likes movies that have animals as main characters than people. I wonder what that means? Hmmm....

We just had our first family vacation. We went to Chattanooga, Tn and saw way too much in a short amount of time! It was nice to see family again (Benjamin's twin lives there and his sister is staying there too). We also stopped in Nashville to see Granny and Pappy (my parents). I think Pappy will end up being Bayleigh's favorite because he let her do anything she wanted! He even got her a blow up "Finding Nemo" which she slept with all the way from Nashville to Memphis! Bayleigh loved the Tn Aquarium....she found Finding Nemo's dad and was really excited to see Dory!

We are turning our guest room into Bayleigh's room and Bayleigh's room will be the new baby's room. I'm beginning to realize we have WAY too much stuff. Anyone in need of stuffed animals or old computers?? I want to organize things, but need to but need to buy things to do that! I wonder where all this stuff came from?

Well, I think that is all for now. When I have more news, I'll post it! I'm due on November 5th and we find out the sex of the baby on June 18th! I really feel this pregnancy is going by slowly and would really like to speed it up! Knowing the sex of the baby will help, I hope! I can start buying things for him or her...we are all hoping for a boy.

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  1. that about sums it up!! lol i love that bayleigh loves finding appropriate..."MINE!" lol