Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're Gonna Have.....

Another girl! I really was sad! I've been calling her a "he" for weeks! Bayleigh has been calling my friends' kids her sisters (only the girls, she doesn't consider the boy a brother or a sister), so Bayleigh must've known she was going to have a sister! I may post an ultra sound picture, but they aren't good pictures. Apparently even though you need to use the bathroom, your bladder isn't full. :( Oh well, they have to do more next time because the baby wouldn't move for anything! It took the ultra sound technician forever to even figure out if it was a boy or a girl. She had to pause the picture really quick, then put it in slow motion to pause the right spot to tell. We went to target afterwards and picked out 2 outfits for her so ALL of her clothes wouldn't be hand-me-downs! :0)

As I have been through a roller coaster of emotions this week, I finally landed a job interview. I wish it was for the same school system I taught for last year because they have GREAT maternity benefits, but it doesn't seem that school system will ever have anymore openings. So, lets cross our fingers everything will work out the way I think it should in my mind....Yes, I know, it's the Lord's will, not mine. Luckily, Benjamin always remembers that and reminds me of it! :) As always, I wish so much I could just have a glimpse into the future to see what will happen!

Well, I'm thinking that is all I should update on at this time! There isn't anything newer than the sex of the baby!! :)

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