Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yeah...not too much to update on. It seems I am a bit bad at this blogging thing, but maybe I'll get better! So, the assistant director at Bayleigh's pre-school informed me that I really only have 2 more weeks of this pregnancy. I can't believe it! My mother-in-law has graciously taken over painting the babies' room since my husband hasn't. I'll post pictures when it's finished.

Bayleigh is enjoying school. She sings all the time! She has started to learn her letter sounds and tells me all about every picture she colors or paints. She talks constantly and is now taking books with her wherever she goes instead of her bear. She really is growing up right before my eyes!

Benjamin went on a "last hurrah" back packing trip last weekend. Bayleigh and I were here all by ourselves and I think we had some fun. Anytime she felt like I was on the computer too long, she would say "Mommy, will you come play with me?" How could I say "no?" So, we built big towers and destroyed said big towers. She is really into building things now. We were VERY glad when Benjamin got home!

I don't think there really is much else to update on. We are waiting for the baby to arrive and trying to finish things up. Benjamin is going to try to get school finished by next December, which would be wonderful! No more school for him and I'll have my Master's by then too. It is a year away, but it is nice to think that our hard work and dedication will be rewarded....hopefully with better job opportunities and not just the student loan bills! :)

Top Picture: Bayleigh in her Daddy's water boots...I couldn't believe she got in them!
Bottom Picture: After playing while Daddy was gone, she made herself a little place on the floor in between Max and Candy to sleep.

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