Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Long Update

I have NOT been good at keeping this blog up...not that a lot of people of following it anyway. Lets see....where to start????

Job--I managed to land an interim. It lasted for 5 weeks. I loved where I was at..the faculty and staff anyway! I had great people around me and gave me a lot of help while I was at the school. It ended last week, and I am enjoying this time to myself.

Bayleigh--She is doing great! We decided to keep her in school while I am out of work. She was put into a 3 year old classroom, which means she is officially in pre-school. She is learning a lot and I can see how much she is enjoying school! She loves it. This morning I awoke to her "reading" to her stuffed animals. :) It is great watching her grow and the smiles she brings to everyone's faces. I know she will be a great big sister! She knows that her baby sister is in mommy's tummy, but I'm not sure if she understands a baby will be coming home soon.

Benjamin--It seems he is tired of school. He has figured out he really only has 5 classes to take to graduate in May. YAY!!! The schools around here are putting Spanish Teachers in every school, so he is hoping to teach Spanish next year. One school system even teaches all day in Spanish! I know he would love that...He goes to Mexican Restaurants just to speak Spanish sometimes! So, if he does decide to finish school this school year, we won't be seeing too much of him. :( But, we'll be seeing him a lot AFTER he finishes....it'll just be 4 months.

Me--Pregnant still....This child bumps and pushes and kicks areas I never thought could be touched! Bayleigh NEVER moved this much! I can actually see my stomach move...I can't believe how soon she will be here. We have so much to do still to get ready, but I am SO tired of being pregnant! I am still going to school. I should and will be finished next December. Hopefully, I will find a job in January and be rehired for the next year so I can finish my internship and graduate.

Jordyn--The new baby. I guess if the "manly parts" show themselves when she is born, his name will still be Jordan, just spelled differently and with a different middle name. She is doing well. I do worry because I haven't gained too much weight and everyone keeps saying I don't even look pregnant. I have gained just 20 pounds...yeah me! But of course, I worry about Trisomy 18, other chromosomal malformations, autism, etc. I just remember people being smaller than they looked and the baby being smaller than it should be. Jordyn's belly measured a little on the small side during my last ultra sound, but not small enough to cause concern...Still, the worry-wort I am, I worry what all will happen.

Lets see....Benjamin's brother randomly got married 2 weeks ago. I like the girl a lot, but I can't believe she married him! Benjamin's uncle passed away at the end of August, then his Aunt was diagnosed with the same thing his Uncle died of. His mom and grandparents have had a rough time this year! I think that really sums everything up!

We went to Heber Springs, Arkansas for Labor Day Weekend, but we didn't take any pictures. :( Bayleigh LOVED fishing...I never went to the dock to watch her, but there are plenty of stories! She wanted to fish every minute she was awake there! She was too cute!


  1. I didn't know both of you guys were still in school...

  2. Does trisomy-18 run in the family? I think that's the one the Messner's baby McKenna had. Edward's Symdrome, right? And maybe you've gained so little weight because as the baby grows the rest of you shrinks, so maybe she's getting bigger as you lose some weight somewhere else. For me, I think it was my butt. It seems to be smaller than it used to be. Oh well. Send me your e-mail address (On a FB message) that you use and I will add you to my blog.