Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been too lllooooonnnnnggggggg....

So, yes, no new posts November??!!? Sorry. I was super sick during Christmas, so no new Christmas pictures (sorry) and I didn't do special dresses for Easter this year (much like Bayleigh's first Easter, although she had just gotten out of the hospital then). I'm just kinda not too great at this blogging stuff. I'll try to do a quick update...

BENJAMIN--- He has one more semester of college and he will be done! He worked full time and he took like 17 hours this semester. It was hard on all of us...Bayleigh started to just ask if Daddy was working or if he was at school. We just have one more semester of it and it'll be done for him! He can't wait...I'm trying to think of graduation party ideas now cuz all the stuff will be on sale and he'll graduate in ideas anyone??

MICHELLE--- Well, I had many interviews...more than I think I've ever had. None of which resulted in a job though. I figured the Lord needed me home more, to learn. I have learned a lot actually. My mom was never one to shop well. She'd go multiple times a week, buy stuff we had tons of already, and then we'd go out to eat a lot. I was turned onto this website: This website posts all the deals at the local drug store chains and Kroger weekly. I was surprised to know/learn that CVS, Rite Aide, and Walgreens all have programs where you can buy things and then you earn money back! It's ingenious and I love it! :) So, I have learned to shop better, eat out less, and even eat better. :) I have sadly gone into remission so to speak of my bad ways, and I am trying hard to get out of it. I have saved us a lot lately and it has been GREAT! My remission though, has been somewhat painful. I am so hard on myself and I tend to beat myself up over things I know that I am doing wrong...oh the power of Satan! He loves to watch us rip ourselves apart!!

BAYLEIGH--- Bayleigh is just growing like crazy! She is so smart and is learning so much! She started to play soccer...yes, 3 year olds can play soccer...sorda. The kids are on a "team" but are just learning the basics (dribbling, running, "big" kicks). She loves it! She also loves riding her bike. I think she likes things that go fast...I kinda think she's gonna be a runner/sprinter when she gets older.
Here is a picture of Bayleigh riding her bike with a snow hat on. Where she found it or why she decided to wear it with the heat and humidity outside! She is definitely my child though. The things she says and the amount of knowledge she has already astounds me! I can't believe she's mine sometimes!

JORDYN--- So, Jordyn is 6 1/2 months old now. So many people tell me she looks like the Gerber baby. Someone even told me at the Chiropractor's office that I should take her to be a baby model and told me where to find the place in Memphis! She is an easy baby. Well, she wasn't until we changed formula. She was so gassy and in so much pain! I felt so bad for her. Now, she is much better and has been nothing but smiles really. I have been super lucky to have 2 easy babies. There really isn't much to tell of the things Jordyn can do....she can sit up and roll over from her tummy to her back. I hypothesize that the reason she has hated to be on her tummy is from all the gas pains, so I'm gonna try more tummy time soon. I know as soon as she figures out how to crawl I'll never be able to keep up with her! She scouts out everywhere we go to see what she can get ahold of as it is! I am not looking forward to her crawling at all! :)

My girls are the cutest kids around! I don't think they look like either one of us a whole bunch, but Jordyn sure does remind me of myself! She has so many facial expressions, it is halarious to watch her! I love them both so much and so lucky to have both of them in my life. Luckily, Jordyn has only had to go to the doctor for check-ups, unlike Bayleigh who was in the hospital at 2 1/2 months old! So, they are totally different.


  1. Jordyn is such a doll. And I think the girls are probably just really cute, female versions of Benjamin, considering they don't look like you at all. At least they don't have your coloring. They are both so cute though!

  2. Thanks! No, I don't think either one of them favor either of us. They have a mixture of our features (like they both have my nose), but that is about it. Jordyn is darker than Bayleigh got my whiteness although shes been in the sun a lot, so she has a tan! I still haven't been asked to be a member of your blog missy! I can't see pics of your kids!!!! :(

  3. Not to mention Bayleigh having red hair!! Jordyn's is gonna be darker I think...sometimes it's red (when it's clean) and others it's brown...who knows!