Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time Traveling

So, since I've been home, I have gotten back into reading. I sometimes watch movies and think, "I wanna read that book!" So, we just watched "The Time Traveler's Wife." I LOVED the movie..I mean, loved it. I think that I cried for like 30 minutes after watching the movie. So, I ordered the book on Well, it took longer for me to order the book cuz I looked in a lot of stores for it, but just didn't want to pay $10+ for it! So, I resorted to

So, I read it...I have to say that I loved the movie version a little better. I just think the author was a bit crude in some of her language. Still though, a decent book. So, here are my thoughts.

If I was to time travel, where would I go if I could choose to? I know for sure there are 2 places I'd want to go back to, maybe not over and over like the book/movie, but a few times would be okay. First, I'd want to see my Granddaddy and be there when he passes. He died 7 years ago while I was at school, during finals week. I had always assumed I'd be there to say good-bye and for him to give me some wise words of life. I just really felt like he had a message to give me. After he died, I thought it would come to me in my dreams, but nothing has come. :( So, I'd go back to be there when he died. I hate so much that I missed that....I missed so much of his last months because I was in denial and I was 5 hrs away at school. So...I want to go back and be with Granddad when he died.

The next part of life I'd go back to is when Nana died. It's coming up on 3 yrs since she passed, but she was so far away. I didn't know she was sick or I guess just how sick she was. I'd want to be the one to hold her hand and to just say good-bye. She was around here when Bayleigh was born. She was annoying at times...a lot of times...BUT, when I was going through things with Jordyn, I just couldn't help to think how excited Nana would have been to be there too. I wondered what she would get for Jordyn and could imagine what the look on her face would have been.

So, if I was ever to be a time traveler, that's what I would want to do. A couple of Sunday's ago in Sunday school (I had just finished the book) a question was posed on whether the things hanging in our homes, music we listen to, and books we read are inviting to the Spirit and help us learn more about the Gospel. So, I am rationalizing some, but Henry (the main character) does not believe in God. He is kinda angry about his lot in life and does many things in the course of his life that gives the reader a sense he doesn't care about living (until he meets Clare anyway). So, of this, how sad it is that the main character (and possibly the author or someone the author knows) doesn't know that the Lord loves them and that the Lord has given them a special mission on this Earth! Sure, time traveling would suck, but what can be done with it for good? What can be learned? Such a sad disposition of life. How could one not believe in a God at all? What a sad life to live, one with no purpose! To me, this book (in my semi-rationalization) is a huge example of why my Heavenly Father does exists, that Jesus is my Savior, and that we have prophets guiding us today.

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