Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010--Year in Review

Well, Jordyn was playing with my computer, and therefore turned off my wireless. I had written a big long blog about the family, but it got erased!! :( So...I guess I'll try it again!


She turned 1 in October. Grandma and Grandpa Jones (my grandparents) happened to be visiting Tennessee during that time, so they were able to come. I think it's cool that they've been to her first birthday party as well as her blessing day. She hasn't quite learned to walk yet, but she cruises all around the house with aids from the walls and furniture. She loves playing Peek-a-boo and her first phrase is "uh-oh." She uses "uh-oh" everytime she drops her frog or anything else on the floor.


She is nearly 4. I can't believe how time has flown by. She is able to do things that I've seen 2nd graders struggle to do! I know if I try, she could learn to read easily, but I don't want to push it on her just yet. She plays well with Jordyn, but she still has jealousy issues when her grandparents are around! Bayleigh loves to be helpful and to make things with anyone who will let her help. She can be so grown up sometimes!!


He finally graduated!! He now has a Bachelor's in Forgien Languages with concentrations in Spanish and Portuguese. What is he gonna do with that? Well, he's trying to become a Spanish teacher for now. He also received Associate of the Year for his branch of Terminix. This is quite a feat since he worked 4 days a week and went to school 2 days a week. I am so pround of him! He has worked really hard.

Me (Michelle)

Well, I did get a job. I resigned from it before Christmas. It was taking too much of a toll on me, my kids, and school. I've been hanging out with Jordyn recovering from my breast reduction. Jordyn is such a sweet kid! She makes me smile all day long! She is so much easier than Bayleigh was, so she is making life fun for me right now. I am waiting to hear back about my internship placement for school counseling. Once I finish this, I'll have my master's in school counseling. I already passed the state test, so I'm trying to get motivated to get these 300 hours completed by May.

Well, that is what the year was like in the Bybee house!


  1. It sounds like your family is so busy. Your girlies are so cute! I only have boys so I LOVE reading about families with girls. Thats great that grandma and grandpa came for Jordyn's birthday. It's always fun to see family!

  2. I'm glad to hear you are still alive. :) And that you are closer to achieving one of your dreams. And that Benjamin finally finished school. Good luck with everything!

  3. Oh, we have been SO busy with Benjamin and I both going to school and trying to work! Melanie, I want a boy SO badly!! I wouldn't trade my girls, but I still want a boy.