Monday, July 6, 2009

Young Women's Camp and Update

Well, I made it through Young Women's Camp in one piece. There really wasn't too much for me to do, so I had a much needed break from the world. It amazed me how much I was able to relax and let things go so to speak. Being pregnant, jobless, and having a toddler at home is so exhausting! All those stressors just went away while I was in the woods for 5 days. Now, I am back in the real world.

My parents took Bayleigh for the weekend and my friend came to visit us. We got our new couch!! The couch is the most comfortable thing I have ever laid my tooshy on!! My friend fell asleep on it 4 times and she hadn't even been here for 24 hours! It is really a great couch!

I got to see Ingram Hill on the 4th. I hadn't seen them in a few months, but (don't tell Benjamin this) they are better when I am with friends than just with my husband! We were on the Peabody Rooftop and were able to see the fireworks over the Mississippi River and at AutoZone Park. It was so GREAT to not be worried about my kid and I was able to continue the relaxing I had begun to do at camp.

Now, I am back to the "world" and trying to find a new job. :( I have Bayleigh back and she has DEFINITELY been spoiled while I was away! Yay for grandparents....

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